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Theory of Design

Each project should be customized to the owner’s needs and budget. It should reflect the religious beliefs of the local church. It needs to exhibit the aesthetic flavor of the community while keeping in harmony with the owner’s tastes. Your finished project should be durable, economical, simple to operate, and as maintenance free as possible.


We have designed several earthbermed churches and structures, utilizing passive solar heat, superior insulating materials, and highly efficient equipment. We are constantly surveying the energy market for practical and affordable uses. Our architects have conducted numerous feasibility studies, written an article on energy efficiency in churches, and conducted a seminar on solar energy and earthsheltering.


We must ascertain the owner’s needs, desires, and financial capabilities through either a "need study" they may have conducted or one we can provide. From that information, we begin rough sketch studies which will show basic size, function, and design. These are reviewed with the owner to insure compliance with intent. Our designs normally fit the lifestyle of church members and community. We are flexible to a preferred "architectural style" by the church. However, we will not sacrifice health and safety under any circumstance. We also review with you the plans, specifications, and update budgets at several intervals during planning.

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