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The Firm

Dedicated to Making Quality Design Affordable


Stephens & Baldridge Architects has specialized in church design since 1965. In that time we have been responsible for over 800 church related projects in the eastern half of the United States. We have done projects of various sizes for virtually every Christian denomination. Our firm is experienced in working with building committees to determine needs and wants.

Our firm was founded in 1965 as G.E. Associates, Inc., Architects. In 1979 the firm was purchased by Clifford Hull, Douglas Stephens, Donald Durance , and Charles Taylor. A year later the name was changed to Hull-Stephens and Associates to give the firm more personality. Mark Baldridge became a stockholder in 2002. With the retirement of many of the original stockholders the name was again changed to Stephens & Baldridge Architects in 2013.

We currently hold Professional Registrations in several Midwestern states. Our NCARB certification allows us to obtain registration in virtually any state in the United States. We also have been involved in church mission projects in four foreign countries. We currently have two registered architects and support staff is obtained as needed.

Stephens & Baldridge Architects has over 100 years of combined experience. In addition to our expertise in church related design, we have designed over 400 various non-church commercial projects and over 220 custom residential projects . This provides us an expansive background in many aspects of building design.

About 30% of our work come from former clients. Some clients have used our services for as many as eight projects.

We have conducted several church building workshops relating to church planning, types of contracts, costs, and energy efficient buildings. Our staff currently publishes a newsletter for churches. They have also been a contributing editor to the Church Building Sourcebook published by Beacon Hill, and written for Your Church magazine and Church Business magazine.

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