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Project Development

Upon signing of the architectural agreement a registered architect will be assigned as the person in charge. A project manager, professional engineers, and  CAD  technicians will also be assigned to the project, as needed. The registered architect will constantly be responsible for the development of the project. He will keep the project on schedule and within the budget. He will also see that proper communication occur between the client and our office.

We have professionals (architects and engineers) who can interpret your needs, and provide the services to meet your requirements, and those of the governing authorities. These professionals will work with you to achieve the desired results that you want.

We feel a realistic construction budget is essential and should be determined at the offset. After the budget is determined, we assess the needs and prepare drawings that will meet those needs while staying within the budget. This budget is constantly monitored throughout the project. It is adjusted as items are added or subtracted and as market conditions change. We present written "area and cost" analyses and a record of all changes. Sometimes a building program must be phased to meet all of the needs to stay within the budget constraints. 

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