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Church Projects

Designers of Distictive Churches since 1965.

Over 80% of our project history is churches.  Since 1965 We have designed churches for virtually every Christian denomination.  As church design specialists, we understand that the church is a ministry to the congregation and community. Determining the ministry needs of the church will determine the building design needs. Some criteria to consider are:


  • Symbolism – through a variety of elements, such as, windows, furniture, roof, shapes, and spires.

  • Art and Talents – painting, sculpture, and stained glass.

  • Friendliness - large visible entry with lots of glass.

  • Fellowship – fellowship hall with kitchen.

  • Altar & Sacraments - prominently placed.

  • Other rituals – prominently planned and placed.

  • Sports - facilities, such as a gym, softball and soccer fields.

  • Christian Education – Sunday School, Parochial School, or Day Care.

  • Senior Citizens and People with Special Needs – barrier free facilities with hearing aids and visual aids, senior citizens housing, and special care facilities.

  • Music - choir, orchestra, and instruments.

  • Parishioner involvement in worship – sometimes semi-circular seating.

  • Drama & Concerts - special lighting/audio effects.


Other areas considered during the design process:

  • Provide allowance for necessary items which are not included in the contract.

  • Consider maintenance factor of building materials.

  • Energy efficiency – building products, as well as mechanical and electrical equipment.

  • Renovations – to existing buildings to make them more pleasing, aesthetically functional, maintenance free, and energy efficient.

  • New renovations are adaptive to new uses, and historical beauty is preserved.


Here is a sample of some of the more prominent churches we have designed since 1965

For a comprehensive list of all our church projects listed by denominations click this button

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